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The uniqueness of the sandwich beam is in its heat-shielding properties. For example, for the climatic conditions of the Moscow region and throughout Central Russia, the level of thermal performance that meets the most stringent requirements guaranteed with a wall thickness of not more than 150 mm with an inner layer of polyurethane foam no more than 70 mm. For comparison, the required level of thermal protection is provided by the thick walls of solid conventional bricks - 1700 mm, the walls of the foam - 880 mm. The thickness of the walls from solid or laminated wood should be not less than 450 mm, which requires considerable amounts of timber for house construction. According to this indicator, the wall of the termobrus thickness of not more than 150 mm, will be equal to the wall thickness of 450 mm, but made of logs. Thus, the level of expenditure on heating a house is reduced significantly (the area of construction in this case is unimportant).

Because the material for the production of sandwich beams are the major coniferous tree species, it is resistant to temperature changes and moisture. The thickness of the lamellas for sandwich beams ranges from 40 to 80 mm. This type of timber at this thickness, compared with the profiled types of wins in weight, he's 2 times lighter than standard wood material, for example, 1 sqm, walls standard timber 150x150 weighs 74 kg, whereas 1 square meter of the wall insulated timber - 40 kg., so installation and transportation much easier.

High-tech performing cups and profile grooves with modern equipment gives accurate reliable connection and continuous thermal insulation layer over the entire height of the wall. The thermal conductivity of the wall angle insulated timber is 0.06 W/m*deg. a fragment of a wall – 0,041 W/m*grad.

Thus a sandwich beam:

  • Very warm - three times warmer than regular lumber;
  • Economical. The energy consumption for heating the house less than 2.5 times the glued laminated timber;
  • Teploproduktia wall is of 3.54 sq. m.*deg./Tues., laminated veneer lumber - of 1.52 sq. m.*deg./ VT.;
  • Very durable due to the cross wooden bridges - "dovetail";
  • Does not even micro cracks on front surfaces;
  • High quality timber processing - does not require additional finishing;
  • Shrinkage of the wall of the insulated timber does not exceed 1%;
  • Insulated timber half the size of conventional bar - provides quick and easy installation at home;
  • Use low-depth, therefore, more economical of the Foundation;

Technology Brus-house, saves the wood. Build a house of our timber save the grove!

Brus-House technology saves wood.  

Built a house from Brus-house - saved a grove!

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