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Brus-House (sandwich beam) is the newest and efficient heat he that saves construction material that is used for the construction of the wall structures of the house. This material is really unique thanks to the quality of the adhesive formulations and new technologies of wood processing. In sandwich beams a combination of higher insulating properties and properties of traditional laminated veneer lumber.

With regard to the design, WHI-House is a monolith, which consists of an inner layer of insulation (PUR) and outer heavy-duty slats of coniferous breeds.


 The outer lamella

For the manufacture of insulated slats profiled timber is harvested and sorted in the winter forest of a certain diameter, which are formed from blanks of the required size. The resulting blank standard section subjected to forced drying chamber to achieve the increased humidity in the range of 10-12%. After the blanks have dried, they are treated with the highest degree of precision on special machines, where they are transformed into semi-finished slats and inserts of predetermined sizes. It should be noted that the semi-finished slat can be made of monolithic and laminated and (or) broshennyh details. Glue the workpiece using a special adhesive compositions which on the ability of wood to the air exchange does not affect.

The timber frame is assembled from two side wooden slats with uniformly spaced throughout the length of the transverse frame with wooden inserts. Insert mechanically fixed between the slats durable connection type "dovetail". After that, the prefabricated timber supplied to the pouring area. The space frame between the slats are filled with polyurethane foam. Filling is carried out automatically on a special machine line. After that, the workpiece is insulated timber subjected to profiling on four-sided machines. The resulting the combined joint absolutely tight, with the result that they do not penetrate the moisture, they are not blown and not freeze. After shaping the beam profile he torched in size - with high precision cut into elements of desired size. The last operation - "sartania" girth cups castorena on special machines and drilling holes for ties.

Polyurethane foam

The insulating layer uses an environmentally friendly component polyurethane foam that is certified in Russia and abroad. Polyurethane foam (PUF), lightweight, but quite durable foam of polyurethane, has a very low thermal conductivity (0,019 — 0,03 W/(m•K)), low vapor permeability, high adhesion to almost anything - paper, metal, wood, plaster, roofing material and much more. Is one of the most common domestic building materials.

System spray isocyanurates have several advantages:

  • Waterproofing material not affected by moisture, i.e. it does not require additional layers of vapor barrier.
  • Heat and frost resistance in the temperature range from -100°C to +130°C;.
  • Light weight and no load on the building structure.
  • High adhesion to various surface types
  • Monolithic seamless surface of the insulating layer.
  • Maintainability.

Polyurethane foam is not flammable, as a rule, the components for obtaining of polyurethane foam are already included anticrossing, which make it fireproof. In the new generation of PPU are not used high-volatile ethereal fraction. The material is eco-friendly. The quality of the materials is confirmed by certificates of Russian and international sample.

Glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber is an additional component in the construction of the sandwich beam and is installed in the ground slab girth nodes, secondary beams for roof mounting.

Glulam – high-tech material that has several advantages compared to traditional materials (plain timber, round logs, brick, etc.). Thanks to new technologies of processing of wood and glue systems are manufactured of laminated materials that preserves all the positive qualities of wood but without its drawbacks. The advantage of glued wood materials in their stable quality, they are ready to use immediately. For the production of glued beams are usually the go-coniferous wood (spruce, pine, larch), its spreading to the boards of the desired size, drying is carried out in the chambers. To dry wood applied with a special fire retardant and antiseptic compositions. Glued laminated timber has virtually no rainfall (shrinkage), less than 0.5% against 6.8% for the conventional logs or timber.

Brus-House technology saves wood.  

Built a house from Brus-house - saved a grove!

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