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UP TO 300 м2

50 trees saved! =)






The composition of the rooms is determined by the requirements of the Customer and the functional expediency.The house has a size of 300m².


The pile foundation with the sill plate of larch 50mm thickness in two layers. Between floors - wooden glued doubled beams, subfloor - plywood, finishing floor - laminate, insulation - sprayed polyurethane foam (FPU). Garret floor - wooden beams, above a game room and a stairs - sloping ceiling on rafters. Insulation - sprayed polyurethane foam. Fine ceilings - imitation of a timber.

External and internal walls - frame from profiled glued timber, insulated FPU thickness 70mm. Part of the internal partitions - framework with trimming of timbers imitation.

Roof - rafters wooden structure, steel galvanized roof. Windows - plastic covers with double-glazed windows. Doors : external - metal, internal - wooden.


Brus-House technology saves wood.  

Built a house from Brus-house - saved a grove!

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